a unified body of individuals—a shared social network with common interests and values. It’s at the heart of our lives.

So much of our communal world has moved into the online medium, enabling us to connect, correspond and follow our social network in new ways.

A community is also a focal point of the real estate process for buyers. Not only do they purchase a home based on the community and lifestyle they are looking for, they also rely heavily on the opinions of their shared network. Nearly 2.8 billion people have social media accounts and consumers today are more likely to make a purchase based on the reviews, interests and opinions from people within their sphere.

At NextHome Synergy, we utilize online social media networks to market your property and make it easy for buyers to share your home with loved ones. This sharing process can increase their interest in your home and reach homebuyers who are searching through social media for the right place to build their lives.

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